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There is a designated swimming area with lifeguards on duty from the following hours:
9am-8pm Monday to Friday
11am-6pm Weekends


We offer day-time swimming lessons. We will do our best to ensure that lesson times do not conflict your paddling schedule. When registration opens, children can be registered for their individual levels. Our swim staff will contact you before the season starts with their lesson times.

Swim Sessions 2023

  • Session One:  July 10-21

  • Session Two: July 24-August 4  

  • Session Three: August 8-18            


AGES 2-4  -- A program to get your little one used to the water. More details to come. Each lesson is 30 minutes and each session includes nine lessons.


LEVELS 1-6 -- In keeping with the industry standard, we have switched from "Red Cross Swim Program" (levels 1-10) to "Royal Life Swim Program" (levels 1-6). You will see the conversion chart here for your reference.



Swim Patrol has three levels-Rookie, Ranger & Star.  Content is organized in 3 groups- Water Proficiency, First Aid, and Rescue.  Swim Patrol develops swimming strength and efficiency with emphasis on WATER SMART behavior.  Skill drills enhance capability in water, good physical conditioning and lifesaving judgement.  AGES 9-12

ROOKIE PATROL---- features 100m swims, 350 m workouts and swims with clothes.  A work hard/ play hard approach develops swimming strength and efficiency with emphasis on personal responsibility for WATER SMART behaviour.

RANGER PATROL-- features timed 200 m swims, 100 m fitness medley and support/ carry a 5 lb weight.  Content is challenging but achievable with effort.  Skill drills enhance capability in the water including non-contact rescue.

STAR PATROL-- features timed 300 m swims, 600 m workouts, lifeguard whistle signals, and airway and bleeding first aid priorities.  Demands good physical conditioning and lifesaving judgement.  


BRONZE STAR-- This course was designed for keen swimmers who have completed the Canadian swim patrol but are still waiting to turn 13 years old for Bronze medallion.  For any 10-13 year old who has these skills, it is the ideal program.  Minimum 10-12


BRONZE MEDALLION-- This program teaches basic rescue and CPR B. Prerequisite - 13 years of age and Bronze Star recommended.  Minimum 18-20 hours.

BRONZE CROSS-- This course further enhances initial lifesaving and first aid techniques.  Pre-requisite:  Bronze Medallion and CPR B.  Minimum 18- 20 hours

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