War Canoe Race Dartmouth


Please refer to the ADCKC website for a full list of the 2021 regattas. 

Regattas are all day events, with the exception of U10. You may come and go based on heats but we ask that athletes arrive a minimum of 45 minutes prior to racing. Heats can run early or late throughout the day so there is no guarantee that the time listed on the draw will be exact.  Athletes who do not arrive on time may miss their race as the division will not wait for paddlers. Coaches will contact parents 7-10 days prior to a regatta to confirm attendance and provide any additional information.


For regattas at Lake Banook, Abenaki has a spot located next to the fence by North Star Rowing (next to Banook Canoe Club). A map detailing our location will be provided before each regatta.

Please bring lots of healthy food, water, your singlet/t-shirt, life-jacket, bun, and a change of clothes. All other equipment for racing will be provided by the club. Enjoy the day’s events and cheer on your team mates!

The tentative date for Champs for 2021 is August 19, 20, 21.

U12 / U14 Champs - August 20, 21, & 22, 2020

Lake Banook


Power Rankings

These rankings are formulated by placement at each regatta that takes place over the summer leading up to ADCKC U-12 and U-14 Champs.  

Fun for the whole family and friends for life

Where else can you find a location in the city that has recreational canoes and kayaks free for members each evening and weekends, a supervised beach, and amazing basketball court?