kids regatta fun



  • Mon-Fri 9am-8pm  (canteen open from 10am - 4pm)

  • Weekends/Holidays 12-6pm

  • Open boating will be available each evening from 5-7:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm. 


  • Opening day will be June 30th, 2021

  • Regular hours/Programming begins on July 5th, 2021

  • Programming ends on Tuesday, August 24, 2021

  • Club closes on Friday, August 27

We offer family and single memberships (you can sit in the sun and enjoy the beach!), a fully life-guarded swimming area, canteen with packaged items, and paddling programs with more time on the water!

HRM BY-LAW: As stated by HRM by-laws, children must be 12 years old on or before July 1st in order to be left unsupervised at the club, otherwise they must be supervised by an adult and/or sitter over the age of 12. If being supervised by a sibling, that sibling MUST be over the age of 12 and must NOT be attending programs themselves while their sibling is under their supervision. Children over the age of 10 may be dropped off for their specific program time and picked up immediately following, without requiring their own supervision.

GATE CHECKS: There will be an Abenaki Staff Member on the gate daily. All members entering through the main gate will be asked to verify their membership information and may be asked to produce photo ID where necessary. ONLY registered members (including sitters) will be permitted on club property. This has become necessary to ensure the safety and security of our registered members and to ensure that only members and their guests are enjoying our club and its facilities. We appreciate your cooperation. COVID-19: We are required to track all members entering the property in accordance with Public Health Guidelines so each member’s attendance will be documented upon entering the club, even if only to drop off/pickup a member.

MEMBERSHIP PRIVILEGES: Anyone accessing the club must be a registered member or registered guest. Members have access to the beach/swim/grassy area as well as Canteen. Lifeguards are on duty daily, during open hours, Monday to Friday, 9am-7pm & Weekends/holidays, 12-6pm. Member access to the clubhouse is restricted to use of the washrooms. Member access to the boathouse is prohibited. Members will have access to select recreational boats during non-programming times, Monday to Friday, 5pm-6:30pm and Weekends/holidays, 1pm-5pm. A staff member will be on hand at the boathouse to retrieve boats/paddles. Members using the club's recreational boats/paddle boards are required to provide and wear their own CSA approved life jacket and to remain within the 200m marker. The club is currently prohibited from loaning equipment until further notice (Public Health Restrictions). Recreational use of the basketball/volleyball courts will be permitted if Public Health Guidelines allow.

SITTERS/CAREGIVERS: All sitters/caregivers MUST be registered with the club on the appropriate Family Membership. Any sitter not registered will not be permitted entry onto the club premises-NO EXCEPTIONS. Each Family Membership can register up to 2 sitters at no additional cost. Sitters are expected to be adults or responsible young adults (over 12 years of age) who are considered representatives of the family to whom they are registered and are therefore expected to adhere to the same Codes of Conduct and as a result, will be subject to the same disciplinary measures.
Payment will be accepted by e-Transfer only. Payment in full must be received by June 15th. No person with any amount unpaid after June 15th will be permitted to enter the premises and/or participate in programming until such time as their balance is paid in full.

Payment option 1: Full e-Transfer payment at the time of registration.
Payment Option 2: Up to 4 equal monthly e-Transfers (March/April 15/May 15/June 15). First equal payment is due at time of registration.

REFUNDS: No refunds will be issued after July 9, 2021, without exception. Anyone withdrawing up to and including July 9th will receive a refund by e-Transfer, less a $75 Administration Fee and any CKC Fees paid, if applicable. If a registrant withdraws for medical reasons at any point during the season, a physician’s note must be provided and each case will be subject to the approval of the Abenaki Board of Directors.

GUEST PASSES: Each Single Membership will receive 1 complimentary Guest Pass. Each Family Membership will receive 3 complimentary Guest Passes. Guest Passes will also be available for purchase by members. The same guest may be signed in up to 7 times. Cost: $15/Individual; $20/Family. It is preferred that Guest Passes be purchased a minimum of 24 hours in advance with our new Online Google Form (paid by e-Transfer) or at the Gate.

CANTEEN: The Abenaki canteen is open during the week, Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm. Cash will be accepted at the canteen but only for placement on a tab-no change will be provided on site. Please note that no credit will be extended if the tab runs out and that cash will not be issued from a child/family’s tab. The canteen will be providing pre-packaged goods again this season due to COVID-19 Public Health Restrictions.

FUNDRAISING: We will be relying on our members to assist us with much needed fundraising opportunities this season! If fundraising is your forte or you have ideas, suggestions and/or connections to assist in this regard we would love to hear from you! We enjoyed tremendous success with our online 50/50 Raffle last season and hope to do so again in 2021!

PARKING: Please adhere to parking signage both on and off our property. There is no unauthorized parking, turning or drop offs/pick ups in the driveway. The driveway must remain clear for quick access to the club by emergency vehicles if needed. Please refrain from using nearby driveways to turn around and/or wait. Nobody wants to end a great day at the lake with a parking ticket or vehicle tow!
We recognize that members will have varying levels of comfortability in dealing with COVID-19 while at the club this season. The wearing of masks is mandatory while inside club buildings/washrooms-but this may be subject to change as the season progresses. Members are expected to socially distance wherever indicated in adherence to Public Health Guidelines. Failure to do so may result in fines being levied or disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the club. Please see COVID-19 Information document posted under “Members Info” section of our website for further detail.

QUESTIONS/CONCERNS: We ask that you please direct concerns/questions to our Manager, Head Coach or Head Lifeguard. If resolution is not reached, please feel free to contact the appropriate Board Member via email, rather than approaching them at the lake. Our Board of Directors are volunteers who dedicate 12 months preparing the club for opening and keeping it open and therefore value their time off with their children at the lake. That being said, your feedback is important to us!

More details found in the full handbook here.