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Open Boating

Open boating will be available Monday - Friday from 5-7:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays during club hours.

Because of evening programming and the docks are busy during this time, we ask that members book a time for open boating for Monday - Thursday. This way you don't drop by and have no available boats. There are no programs on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sundays so you can drop by the dock and get set up with a boat ANYTIME!


Please fill the following form to reserve a boat for open boating times Mon-Thurs.. The check boxes are for the upcoming week and cannot be booked any further out than the upcoming week. You will receive confirmation if your reservation has been accepted for kayaks only (Paddleboards and pleasure canoes are usually available so you will only receive an email if there are none available.)

What night are you booking for?
Which kind of boat did you want to take out?

Thanks for submitting!

Power Rankings

These rankings are formulated by placement at each regatta that takes place over the summer leading up to ADCKC U-12 and U-14 Champs.  

Fun for the whole family and friends for life

Where else can you find a location in the city that has recreational canoes and kayaks free for members each evening and weekends, a supervised beach, and amazing basketball court? 

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